All Ladies Admit it! The Coolest Guys Drive Mustangs!


(TIW) – An independent study conducted by Drof Inc. has confirmed what we all knew to be true: All the coolest guys drive Ford Mustangs.  Mustangs are mostly known as the car that says to the world, “I can’t afford an actual nice sports car, but look at this loud, dangerous, unreliable, stupid thing that costs about as much as a Toyota Carolla!”  You may be thinking, “Whoa, buying a Mustang seems like a really bad financial decision that may also make me look like a short-sighted superficial dum-dum.” You’d be wrong, dead wrong!

Researchers at Drof. have found that all women prefer men who drive Ford Mustangs.  Lead researcher, Hank Forb, noted, “It’s really quite unprecedented, we’ve never seen a 100% success rate on a hypothesis but we are certainly not surprised as Ford makes dynamite vehicles.

When questioned about their name, Drof, being Ford, spelled backwards several employees, Hank Forb, Henry Fork, and Han Form, repeatedly called our staff writers “pussies” and told us to leave.


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