How I lost 30 Pounds Eating Nothing But Sand!


(HOLLYWOOD, CA) – Do me a favor. I want you to picture in your head right now an Egyptian Pharaoh. What does he look like? He’s skinny isn’t he? Do you know why? 1 word … Sand. The Sand Diet is about to take the world by storm … a sand storm. Over the years I’ve been called many things, fat, obese, overweight, gay, tubby, not anymore. As I am writing this I have lost 32 pounds on the sand diet and I can help you achieve similar results.

The Sand Diet is very simple, you replace everything you eat with sand. What kind of sand? It doesn’t matter, frankly I’ve heard you can just use dirt if you do not have access to sand. Do you like to eat pancakes for breakfast? Maybe Oatmeal? Simply eat as much sand or dirt as you would like instead. My journey started slowly, I did not start losing weight until day 3. That’s when the vomiting started. I had never seen such grainy and clumpy puke. By day 6 I was in the hospital on life support. My doctors said one more day and I would have died! Day 7 was eventful, I had both of my intestines removed! My stomach is now connected directly to my colon! Turns out your intestines weigh about 25 pounds! But it’s day 20 now and I’m about to check out of the hospital. I am 32 pounds lighter, I’ve never been happier, and I look AMAZING!


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