Donald Trump Jr. Reportedly Thought He Was Investing in Bitcoin… Actually bought thousands of Chocolate Coins


The noted big-game hunter and avid consumer of hair products, Don Jr. had a little bit of an embarrassing moment earlier this week when discussing recent investments he has made.

“When you see the word “Bitcoin” what do you think? Obviously you’re gonna think “Bite” and “Coin”. That’s clearly how they came up with it. It’s like “apple-sauce” you know? So I hear about this hot new investment opportunity a few weeks ago from [Sergey] Kislyack, and I think I’ve got this great deal. Now I’m sitting here with 6000 chocolate coins and I find out it’s internet coins or something??”
When asked what he has done with the thousands of chocolate coins, Don Jr. disclosed that he sold them for a 500% profit to his brother Eric Trump. He asked us to please not tell Eric about the “real bitcoins”, and asked if we thought he had to pay taxes on his profits.

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