HBO Confirms BJ Novak was First Choice for Daahrio Naharis


(TIW) – During press for the upcoming penultimate episode of season 6, Game of Thrones writers and creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss revealed that B.J. Novak was the original first choice for the role of Daahrio Naharis. HBO executives were on board from the start stating that Novak possessed the quick wit, charm, and depth necessary to bring Daarhio Naharis to life. Novak who is well known for his role of slacker hot-shot, Ryan Howard from the NBC series The Office, reportedly backed out of the role 2 days before filming after realizing he had read the wrong series of books in preparation. Although Novak declined comment for this story his representatives have confirmed that he mistakenly read and memorized the K. A. Applegate series of novels, Animorphs.

“B.J. was really excited for the show, everyone was. The first couple seasons had already come out, it was a huge success! He was about to fly out to Budapest to start filming, but he just kept talking about morphing! Morphing into a beast or some sort of creature!”

Both huge fans of the Animorphs franchise, Benioff and Weiss were sympathetic with the situation and remain on good terms with Novak. Novak, Benioff, and Weiss finally happened to find themselves in the same city during Comic-Con in 2014 where they had a series of meetings that would forever change the landscape of television featuring humans morphing into other creatures.

Over that week we talked for hours and hours. B.J.’s love for morphing is the kind of passion that results in the creative masterpieces that every artist desires to be part of! – David Benioff

Truly a feel good story the three have received a full season order for their upcoming series which will adapt the Animorphs novels for a January 2017 release on HBO. 




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