As NBA Season Ends Millions of Americans Briefly Consider Watching Soccer


(TIW) – On Sunday night the overlapping NFL and NBA seasons that started back in September finally ended.  Some people might watch baseball (idk why anyone would do this),  I guess hockey is over too? (fact check this please), and about 4 or 5 Americans are excited about the major Summer soccer tournaments currently underway.  The Copa America and the European Championship are meaningless words to so many people in this country that would love to obsess over another sport but will this change? Is soccer popularity on a historical upswing in this country?

I have no idea. I am not a scientist or a statistician or something.  But for the first time I find myself following a soccer tournament that is not the world cup. I have watched the USMNT through the group stage in this Copa America and watched last night as they looked like the kid from the Bow Wow film, Like Mike, but without the magic shoes against Argentina.  I tried watching a few European Championship games but they are all like in the middle of the day or at 9 o’clock in the morning on work day so that is kind of impossible.  So if you like me find yourself with a few free hours maybe watch some soccer? Or don’t, I simply do not care.


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